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Rewards is committed to make your travel bucket list a reality. With the knowledge we have built hosting people with a diverse range of interests on multiple trips over many years; we design itineraries harnessing our passion for immersing ourselves in the exploration of each destination .

Various options are carefully structured to optimise the value of every step of the journey – flights, visas, transfers, accommodation and all the wow experiences - to offer you a stress-free holiday. You will have a person dedicated to tailoring your programme to suit your individual interests, preferences and budget. Working with you, we will design your dream travel itinerary from the time that you leave your house to when you return with incredible memories. There are choices within each of the programme categories to allow you to select the option most appropriate for your lifestyle. Rewards delights in adding all the special touches that will amaze and captivate you. We look forward to working with you to design your dream holiday.

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Specialists in Designing Unique Travel Experience

Francois Hugo, the executive director, and Carla Napoli, the managing director, of Rewards Incentive and Conference Management have accumulated four decades in planning, executing and hosting luxury travel itineraries for their bluechip clients. Their team of dedicated and passionate travel specialists go the extra mile to ensure that Rewards takes infinite care arranging all the elements of the programme they proudly offer their clients.

Given the new world of health and safety considerations forged by Covid-19, Francois, Carla and their experienced team at Rewards are excited about using their extensive experience gained in the incentive travel industry to create bespoke itineraries for individuals.

With the personal experience of visiting countless countries and cities on multiple occasions, Francois and Carla use their unique insights to tailor itineraries showcasing the best features of a destination and avoiding the tourist pitfalls with sufficient alternatives to cater for the most discerning traveller. They are spoilt for choice when deciding on options as they have built relationships with a wide range of suppliers who they can trust to deliver exceptional service, maintain high standards and offer unsurpassed value.

Rewards has

Expertise & Passion

Combining Francois and Carla’s talent, expertise and passion, Rewards has the necessary skills and capabilities gained from the incentive industry to design programmes that offer individual clients:

  • First hand knowledge and experience of travelling to a specific place
  • A tailored itinerary that appeals to specific tastes, interests and preferences
  • Value that can only be extracted through trusted partnerships with a broad network of suppliers, agents and guides
  • Personal service to make their travel seamless and hassle free
  • A dedicated team that is available 24/7 to take care of all the small details
  • Unique opportunities to explore the magic of the destination.

The passionate team at Rewards led by Carla and Francois look forward to designing your next travel experience.

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